What We Do

Our organization provides a number of programs and resources reflecting our mission. Programs include:


Youth Program

A program geared towards children and adolescents, providing opportunities such as multi-tiered dance classes, arts and crafts workshops, music lessons, and so much more. Because AAE believes that the arts should be accessible to people of all backgrounds and upbringings, we provide opportunities for underprivileged youth and anyone else in need of aid.

College Prep

This program assists students interested in both continuing or beginning to pursue the arts in a collegiate atmosphere. Students will have access to advisors, documents and calendars of events, all resources necessary for a College education.


AAE provides counseling services for the young adults who need a little guidance and insight or even just someone to talk to. Topics that can be discussed may range anywhere from stressful concerns to a casual conversation. The organization makes a number of certified professionals available to those in need.