About Us

All About Edu-tainment (abbreviated as AAE) was realized by a group of enterprising students in the City College of New York. With the first chapter opening in 2003 as a student empowerment organization, its main goal was to spread the love of learning while at the same time entertaining and educating people of all ages. AAE awards prizes and scholarships through creative programs as a way to assist young adults further their love of the arts and education. AAE also is a one-of-kind outlet that aids in connecting students to the real world to further their link of entertainment and education.

AAE is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing students with the education and opportunities required to excel at the art forms they choose to pursue. 

Who We are

We are a group of diverse individuals of varying backgrounds and experiences with one monumental thing in common: our shared love for the arts and education. Here at All About Edu-tainment, we put stock in dreams, aspirations, and goals no matter how feasible they may seem catalunyafarm.com. We seek to free students of their hesitations, thereby giving them the first step towards making their hopes and objectives realities. We believe the arts allow individuals to tap into their most creative side by expressing feeling, emotion and movement through unique forms to evoke an audience.


Our mission is to encourage and uplift young adults toward unlocking their full potential by utilizing necessary and useful resources such as counselling, advising, scholarships, financial assistance, and unique programs tailored for student’s chosen art form.


AAE believes the arts are significant and powerful enough to make a difference in society. Our underlying mission is to enrich the world in which we live in by fueling it with aspiring artists brave enough to share their talents.